Uta Weyand is a visionary and pursues a very specific goal in life: the liberty of living the balance between learning, creating and teaching.

Since beginning her studies at several conservatories  and after more than 15 years` experience as a teacher she has always felt the need to create something new for future generations. In 2007, she realized her idea and founded the PIANALE Piano Academy.

 The PIANALE Piano Academy is now one of the most successful combinations between piano master classes, musicians’ language courses and a range of public concerts.

The aim is twofold: on the one hand to put the students’ repertoire to the test and to enhance their stage presence and their impact on the audience; on the other hand to provide the students with an opportunity to gain or improve language skills that will help them to work successfully abroad.

The piano interpretation courses are led by internationally acclaimed teachers and concert pianists who share the common goal of developing students’ piano technique (through different teaching methods) to the point where listeners will be affected by the music and its interpretation as if by a language.

Through its professional language training, Inlingua, a Fulda-based language school, offers students an opportunity to develop their foreign language skills and prepare for further study abroad or international exchange programmes such as the Erasmus programme, the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst and Fulbright scholarships.

The concert series is organized in the form of a competition and promotes the best participants with scholarships and international concert engagements.